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New Era

(released 3/13/07)


The first EP, released in 2007, these 8 songs mark the beginnings of the turn to 8DS.  Recorded by myself in my basement with a makeshift vocal booth, very few copies were ever printed and most aren't surviving.  Hell, I don't even have the original session files anymore cuz the computer crashed before I could make a decent backup.  So you're gonna have to look very hard to get your grubby little hands on these...


Career Suicide

(released 6/17/08)


After the release of New Era, I caught the attention of a local musician who wanted to work with me to produce my next album.  Career Suicide came about at a time where I still had an immature "fuck off" attitude and I think it came through in the recording.  Alas, while I still have the files for this album, I can't sell it digitally because the beat contracts have expired.  I have about 150 physical copies left before it's another album lost to the abyss.  Get yours before they're gone.

Diary of a Bleeding Mind

(released 4/27/18)


I tried to put the music down and walk away, for about 8 years I did just that.  But I couldn't just leave it alone.  I went through some major life changes and multiple hard times and substance abuse issues.  Every now and then I would open up the files and work a little bit on some ideas; here and there.  One day, I just up and decided that I wanted to actually complete the album and reset all my focus into doing that.  Diary of a Bleeding Mind marks the return, I put everything I had into these 14 songs, therapy music for me to be able to come to terms with everything that had happened.

Empty Promises

(released 4/12/19)


Coming off Diary, I really wasn't planning on doing another album so soon.  It was going to be some standalone singles, but I really wanted to push Diary.  Then I started writing songs by the time I reached 10, it was time to make the call to put them all together as an album. After recording, we trimmed them down to the best & put together this EP.  Mainly cuz I believe these songs are way too good & need to be out there for ya'll to hear.  Get yours now!