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Who is 8DS?

8DS is not set to be like every other rapper in the music scene today. He wanted people to be able to relate to his work, but he also wanted to be himself. He realized throughout his musical growth that he would never be happy pretending to be something he was not, so he would have to draw on real life experiences when writing lyrics. He learned along the way that people could in fact relate to a white kid from the suburbs, if he was honest with them and himself.


What began as a catharsis became so much more. By putting those experiences and emotions into words, he was finally able to work through things that he had spent most of his time trying to ignore. He wrote and wrote and wrote…and then he wrote some more. When he was finished, he took his work to the studio. There he collaborated with other artists and created something truly beautiful.


The future is wide open for 8DS and being able to earn a real living doing what he loves. His journey won’t be over until he is successful enough to support himself creating music alone. Even then, his journey will have just begun. For this suburban white kid out of Northern NJ – the rap game is full of possibilities.